iCanPay and Your Startup Business

We provide the best, most secure and convenient form of payment settlement platform for your business.
Trusted by many industry leaders and publications.
For any startup
For Any StartUp

You just started your new online business, but have been asked to sign a personal guarantee. Startup businesses and high-risk merchants can now easily accept credit card payments without the astringent requirements.

iCanPay has a suite of API's that can easily be integrated into any website. We also offer an iOS and Android App that works with our proprietary card reader.

iCanPay Incognito
Go Incognito

MERCHANTS: You've got a great new site, but your conversion is low because of credibility. But you need transactions to build trustworthiness. Allow customers to pay without their credit card number.

CONSUMERS: Like all responsible households, your transactions are transparent with your significant other. But what if you want to purchase a surprise gift? Use iCanPay Incognito.

iCanPay WordPress Plugin
Get the WordPress Plugin

As of February 2016, WordPress is used by 25.8% of all websites. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and there are thousands of plugins and themes available, but only one to help you sell today!

All you need is the iCanPay WordPress Plugin and an iCanPay Merchant Account. No set-up fees. No commitment. Simple application. What are you waiting for? Start selling today!

Fully responsive and ready for all your startup needs a mobile business demands

Secured Transactions

As with any financial instrument of this nature, iCanPay utilizes the latest cutting edge security technologies.

Highest Encryption

iCanPay uses only military grade encryption algorithms to secure all your transactions.

PCI Compliant

Established by the major credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard to maintain security. iCanPay is fully PCI compliant.

Fraud Protection

iCanPay monitors all transactions while employing velocity algorithms to fight threats of all kind.

Michael Boeke: Simplifying the Mobile-Commerce Experience

Michael Boeke, product manager for payments platform Braintree, spoke at PSFK San Francisco about how online retailers can adjust to the mobile takeover of e-commerce. "Mobile devices provide a lot of contextual data that can make it easier for retailers to present the right thing on the screens."

Swipe at Festival
Merchant Accounts Made Easy

iCanPay offers flexible payment processing and startup merchant account solutions, with no geographical restrictions. Laborious account applications are also replaced by our concise online form developed and certified by our acquiring banking partners. It’s simple, affordable, and we can offer a merchant account for most products sold on the Net today.

High Risk Industries

If your business falls into one of the high risk merchant industries, your company may have been classified as a high risk merchant. In fact, many e-commerce and online merchants are termed high risk by processors, even though their traditional merchant operations are not high risk. Our proprietary system allows for your application to be approved within minutes.

Backed By Visa and Mastercard Acquirers

All iCanPay banking partners have been vigorously vetted by Visa and Mastercard. In order to process any credit card transactions for our banking partners, iCanPay have also been rigorously scrutinized and it's systems and processes closely examined for security. iCanPay is fully PCI compliant.

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by
helping others to succeed."
iCanPay is playing an integral part enabling my business to finally take credit cards consistently. I’ve used Paypal before, but my account was terminated. I’ve used Stripe too. Same thing. iCanPay is the only solution I need.
Happy Artisan Mark Dole


With iCanPay, my customers can opt for a digital receipt (via email or text message) instead of a printed one. This has built loyalty indirectly, but most of all it has saved me time so I can concentrate on running my business.
Happy Artisan Jessica Blake


In my opinion iCanPay is the only credit card payment processing system for any startup business. It has all the tools you need. Moreover it’s a very dynamic tool that is constantly being updated and enhanced with new features.
Happy Artisan Christian Cilinis

New York

The robust reporting system allows me to see how I’m doing at a glance. Setup was super easy too. The App is first class. My customers love the simplicity and how quick we can finish a transaction anywhere, on the go.

iCanPay started on the busy streets of Hong Kong

Partial Accepted Use List

iCanPay can virtually be used for any business you can dream of and imagine.
The following represent products, services and environments iCanPay is commonly used for.

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